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Logo is your Business identity

World will remember your business through your logo which will be imprinted on your business cards, website, social media channels.

Company logo is the foundation for any company branding, an impressive logo will help build the audience and create popularity among other existing businesses. Logo's are pretty simple and fun to remember as compare to traditional approach of memorizing company name.

We specialize in designing vast variety of Logos


Monogram Logos (or Lettermarks)

These logos are usually consist of brand initials like ABC, AFL, IBM and so on. These are best suited for businesses with long names, so they can just use initials for each word which makes it easy to remeber.

AFL - Monogram Logo
Google - Wordmarks Logo


Wordmarks (or Logotypes)

Wordmark logos focus on business name as a whole rather than just the initials like Google, Nab, Visa and so on. For these logos, typography plays a vital role and it largely depends on the business domain. For example, fashion business would prefer something stylish while banking would focus on clean approach.


Brandmarks (or LogoSymbols)

These are icons or graphic based logos with no alphabet like Apple, Twitter bird, Target bullseye and so on. Decision driving these logos need to consider vast overall business picture including the existing colour theme, shape which can best describes what business is doing.

twitter - Brandmark Logo
Abstract Logo


Abstract Logomarks

These are pictorial logos but in more abstract ways rather than commonly recognisable images. For example, Nike, BP and so on.



These logos represents an animated character. For example, KFC, Pringles and so on. Its basically associating a character to represent your business.

Mascots Logo
Combination Logo


Combination Logos

These are combination of any other form of logo including word, alphabet, picture and all. For example, Burger King,  Addidas and so on.



These logos usually consists of font inside a symbol or an icon. They tend to have traditional look and will best represent schools, government agencies and so on.


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